ProTeam 3" High Tech Tabs

ProTeam® 3" High Tech Tabs

The ultimate stabilized chlorine tablet.

ProTeam 3” Pure Tabs

ProTeam® 3” Pure Tabs

Slow dissolving stabilized chlorine tablets.

ProTeam Brominating Tablets

ProTeam® Brominating Tablets

Slow Dissolving Brominating Tablets For Pool & Spa.

ProTeam Zip Chlor

ProTeam® Zip Chlor

Chlorinating concentrate. Dissolves immediately.
Will not cloud water or cause scale.


ProTeam Power Magic Super Oxidizer

ProTeam® Power Magic Super Oxidizer

Shock treatment kills bacteria and controls algae. Restores a crystal clarity to pool water and enhances water quality.

ProTeam Quick Shock

ProTeam® Quick Shock

Kills Algae - Fast Acting - Quick Dissolving.

ProTeam Shock & Swim

ProTeam® Shock & Swim

Fast acting, non-chlorine oxidizing treatment for swimming pools.

ProTeam Lithium Shock

ProTeam® Lithium Shock

A chlorinating sanitizer for modern swimming pool care.


Prevent Algaecide

ProTeam® Prevent Algaecide

For control of algae slime growth in swimming pools.

ProTeam Polyquat 6

ProTeam® Polyquat 60

Highly concentrated algae preventative for hard-to-kill mustard, black and blue-green algae types.

ProTeam Severest Algae Treatment

ProTeam® Severest Algae Treatment

For use against outbreaks of blue-green, black and mustard algae.


ProTeam Supreme PLUS

ProTeam® Supreme PLUS

Enhance Your Water…

Formulated pH neutral. Enhances pool water while reducing eye and skin irritation. Controls algae by removing food source.

ProTeam Microfloc Clarifier

ProTeam® Microfloc Clarifier

Super clarifier aids in the filtration of tiny particles for brilliantly sparkling water.

ProTeam UV Shield

ProTeam® UV Shield

Prevents loss of chlorine to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Reduces pool operating costs.

ProTeam Power Enzyme

ProTeam® Power Enzyme

Eliminates oils, lotions and organics from pool water. Natural biodegradable oxidizer, pH neutral.


ProTeam Alkalinity Up

ProTeam® Alkalinity Up

Controls and increases alkalinity. Stabilizes pH for better water balance.

ProTeam Calcium Up

ProTeam® Calcium Up

Increases calcium hardness for enhanced comfort and the prevention of damage to your pool and its equipment.

ProTeam pH Up

ProTeam® pH Up

Increases the pH of pool water for proper balance. Protects metal fixtures and parts from corrosion.

ProTeam pH Down

ProTeam® pH Down

Lowers pH and alkalinity in pool water. Prevents scaling. Safer to use than liquid acid.


ProTeam Metal Magic

ProTeam® Metal Magic

Effectively removes metals from pool water and metal stains and scale from surfaces. Non-foaming and pH neutral.

ProTeam Dry Clarifier

ProTeam® Dry Clarifier

Sand Filter Concentrate.

ProTeam Superfloc Clarifier

ProTeam® Superfloc Clarifier

For sparkling clear water. Highly concentrated clarifier collects cloud causing particles that have formed in swimming pool water and are too small to be trapped in the filter.

ProTeam Filter Magic

ProTeam® Filter Magic

Professional strength filter cleaner for removing oil, scale, organics and grime from sand, cartridge and diatomaceous earth filters.

ProTeam PhosAway

ProTeam® PhosAway

Highly concentrated formulation effectively removes phosphates from pool water.

Gentle Spa

ProTeam Spa Kit

ProTeam® Spa Kit

Complete Spa Kit enhances water to leave skin soft and moisturized while reducing eye and skin irritation.

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